You owe it to yourself to get accurate information about all your pregnancy options.

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How We Care for Women with Unplanned Pregnancies

We help you cope with circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, free of charge.

Pregnancy Tests

We are standing by and ready to serve: we listen to your story, concerns/questions and provide you with medically accurate information and resources. Urine pregnancy tests detect the presence of hCG, a hormone that indicates pregnancy but does not diagnose pregnancy.

At Next Step, you can confidentially confirm your pregnancy and review your options. Contact the center for a free, private appointment.


Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound

We provide ultrasound scans - conducted by a certified medical professional - to diagnose your pregnancy. 

Next Step Pregnancy Center ultrasound scans will identify the:
    •    Location of your pregnancy

    •    Presence of fetal heartbeat

    •    Gestational age
    •    Estimated due date for delivery

Although some restrictions apply, the majority of clients are eligible for a free ultrasound if they have a positive pregnancy test at the Next Step Pregnancy Center.


Mentoring Moms Program

We help women prepare for their baby from the moment they learn they are pregnant.

Mentoring Moms is designed for pregnant women and moms with a child younger than three years of age. We understand how difficult preparing for a baby can be, especially when they are unexpected. Progressing through the curriculum-based program earns you “Mommy Money”  to obtain items such as clothing, diapers and furnishings.